Seeplex® VRE ACE Detection

Detection of vanA and vanB genes

Seeplex® VRE ACE Detection detects the vanA and vanB genes which cause vancomycin-resistance in Enterococci cultured in Enterococcosel broth/agar. With multiplex system based on DPO™ technology, this assay performs on PCR instrument for detecting vancomycin-resistant vanA gene and the vanB gene of Enterococci in a single reaction with high sensitivity and specificity.


Multiplex real-time PCR

vanA and vanB genes causing of Vancomycin-resistant of enterococci in a single reaction

Reduction Contamination risk

A single round PCR process and 8-MOP reduces the carryover contamination risk

DNA extraction solution

Reagent for DNA Detection is provided, purchase of DNA extraction kit is unnecessary

Prediction of antibiotic resistance

Detection and identification of mutations associated antibiotic resistance for appropriate infection control

Validated process control

Accurate system for result interpretation included Internal Control

Informative assay

Assistant of appropriate treatment and management for co-infection

Powerful performance with unique technology

Multiplex real-time PCR with high sensitivity and specificity by utilization of DPO™ and TOCE™ technologies

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