Seeplex® MTB Nested ACE Detection

Detection of MTB using multi-target (IS6110 and MPB64) PCR

Seeplex® MTB Nested ACE Detection detects Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) in various specimens such as sputum, bronchial wash, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), body fluid, blood, bone marrow aspiration and tissue (fresh tissue, paraffin-embedded tissue). Seeplex® MTB Nested ACE Detection simultaneously amplifying IS6110 and MPB64 DNA based on the nested PCR, it can effectively eliminate false negative results and be a useful method for detection of MTB.


DNA extraction solution

Reagent for DNA Detection is provided, purchase of DNA extraction kit is unnecessary

Reduction Contamination risk

A single round PCR process and 8-MOP reduces the carryover contamination risk

Validated process control

Accurate system for result interpretation included Internal Control

Powerful performance with unique technology

Multiplex real-time PCR with high sensitivity and specificity by utilization of DPO™ and TOCE™ technologies

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