Seeplex® H. pylori-ClaR ACE Detection

Detection of two mutations (A2143G and A2142G) causing clarithromycin-resistance

Seeplex® H. pylori-ClaR ACE Detection simultaneously detects and identifies two types of point mutations (A2143G and A2142G) causing clarithromycin-resistance in Helicobacter pylori from direct examination of gastric biopsy tissue without going through bacterial culture. Based on DPO™ technology, this assays performs on PCR instruments and applicable for Auto-capillary Electrophoresis instruments.


Multiplex real-time PCR

Simultaneous identification of H. pylori and two point mutations (A2143G & A2142G), which cause clarithromycin resistance without culture

Reduction Contamination risk

A single round PCR process and 8-MOP reduces the carryover contamination risk

Prediction of antibiotic resistance

Detection and identification of mutations associated antibiotic resistance for appropriate infection control

Powerful performance with unique technology

Multiplex real-time PCR with high sensitivity and specificity by utilization of DPO™ and TOCE™ technologies

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