Compact and easy to use multiplex PCR machine

SEEAMP™ PCR system delivers reliable performance and outstanding reproducibility to your daily test. Faster speed and improved uniformity(<0.2℃) through the Advanced Peltier technology meeting your PCR needs.

Compact and easy to use multiplex PCR machine

Peltier Technology to improve accuracy of temperature control

Make a quiet and comfortable lab environments throgh Ultra-low noise design

Connect to one computer can control at most 30 SEEAMP™, and which can take experiment data to USB storage

Has fast ramping rate, up to 2.0°C/s heating rate or up to 1.5°C/s cooling rate.

* Up to 30℃ temperature range

The gradient function thermal cycler

Gradient function, with up to 30℃ of the temperature range. It can not only to optimize the annealing temperature, but also optimize all temperatures in PCR cycles, as well as meet the needs of even the most demanding tests.


Sample capacity 1-96 samples
Power input 220 VAC, 60Hz
Power consumption 600W
Temperature Range 4 ~ 99 ℃
Dimension 351 (L) X 279 (W) X 250 (H) mm
Heating/cooling rate Heating rate : ≥ 2.0℃/s, Cooling rate : ≥1.5℃/s
Weight(kg) 10 kg
Ordering Information SCE1000
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