Indiviidual Ct Values for multiple targets MUDT™ is the world’s first Real-time PCR technology that provides individual Ct values for multiple targets

MuDT™ technology is the novel analytical real-time PCR technology, which enables us to detect multiple targets with individual Ct value in a single channel without melting curve analysis. By utilizing a change of the fluorescence signals between two different detection temperatures, MuDT™ enables us to provide “Real” Ct value of each pathogen even in co-infected cases. MuDT™ technology, combined with DPO™ & TOCE™, enhances the potential to deliver more comprehensive and actionable diagnostics, leading to improved patient care and reduced healthcare costs.

Multi-Ct in a single channel for multiple target detection & quantification

Simple way to doble up multiplexing capacity in any real-time PCR Instrument

Enable any existing Real-time PCR instrument to be more powerful system by double up its capability for multiplexing without upgrading the hardware.

Each Ct value of co-infected pathogens equals to that of single target amplification

MuDT™ technology generates the “real Ct” value of each pathogen in a single channel which is equal to that of single infection.

SNP genotyping in a single channels without melting curve analysis

1. Conventional SNP genotyping assay requires a single tube and two channels to analyze one SNP target. In other words, four tubes are required to analyze four SNP targets. In order to minimize the number of channels, melting curve analysis after target amplification is necessary. Limited multiplexity and longer turnaround time (TAT) due to melting curve analysis are main hurdles in current SNP genotyping method.

2. MuDT™ – based SNP genotyping assay can provide a SNP genotyping in a single channel, which allows a genotyping of four SNP targets in a single tube.

Identification of multiple mutations simultaneously in a single tubes

MUDT™ allows the detection and quantification of multiple mutations in a single tube.

Technical Papers

Single-channel multiplexing without melting curve analysis in real-time PCR Technical Papers

Young-Jo Lee, Daeyoung Kim, Kihoon Lee & Jong-Yoon Chun |SCIENTIFIC REPORTS | 4:7439 | DOI: 10.1038/srep07439

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