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Our company Avicalab Diagnostics Ltd was established over ten years ago. We are one of the leading distributors of diagnostics, scientific and life science research products, laboratory chemicals, reagents and equipment.

We are a people oriented business and we value the skills and contributions of our staff highly. We also like to encourage research and as such can provide graduates with research funding.

We supply all molecular diagnostic Lab essentials and accessories from different reputable companies in Europe, USA and Asia. Our products line also includes forensic science equipment and consumables, biomedical equipment and reagents for various research and testing purposes, such as animal veterinary Molecular Testing and Agricultural research.


The year the company was established


+Products (Assays, Platforms, Instruments & Software)


+Health institutions supplied with products and systems

High specification products with top quality service

Avicalab Diagnostics Ltd is a diagnostics company specializing in the procurement and supply of molecular biology assays, instruments and consumables.

For physicians and clinics …general

  • Timely care in early stages of illnesses thanks to detection of multiple pathogens in a single test.
  • Support in selecting the best care for each casual pathogen

For technicians and clinical labs

  • Increased efficiency thanks to ability to test multiple pathogens in a single test.
  • Early and prompt treatment for critically ill patients by preventing delays in diagnosis.

For basic life science researchers

  • Development of novel medications ideally suited to patients’ needs.
  • Diverse applications in the development of products for diagnostic and research purposes.

For life science researchersn general

  • Reliable treatment based on the most accurate prescription for each causal pathogen.
  • Effective illness prevention and medical cost savings thanks to accurate, early diagnosis.

For governments …in general

  • Rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases newly/epidemically spreading and reinforced national preventive measures .
  • Improvement of healthcare management with little resources.



Avicalab Diagnostics supply molecular diagnostics (MDx) products capable of detecting multiple targets simultaneously.

The high multiplex assays deliver comprehensive clinical information in a single test and allows accurate and rapid diagnosis.


Avicalab supplies instruments for molecular diagnostics based on OEM partnership. These instruments have automated system able to perform; DNA extraction, PCR reagent dispenser, auto electrophoresis, POCT, Real-time PCR, decapper and much more for any necessary supplements for molecular diagnosis.

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